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15 Tips For Incorporating Holiday Content Into Your Social Media Marketing

15 Tips For Incorporating Holiday Content Into Your Social Media Marketing

While it’s essential to be consistent with your marketing strategy throughout the year, marketing during the holiday season is a bit different. Incorporating holiday content into your social media marketing is an excellent way to connect with your audience, boost your brand’s visibility, and increase your sales. If you’re wondering how you can best market … Read more

The Power Of Visual Storytelling In Social Media

When marketing your business, a picture tells a thousand words. That’s why visual storytelling in your marketing strategy is so important. Visual marketing leverages the power and exposure of social media to share videos and images to tell your brand story more effectively than other mediums because your audience can see your product, interact with … Read more

The Role of Storytelling in Website Design

Your website is often the first place customers go for your business or service. In fact, an estimated 97 percent of consumers say that a business’s website influences their buying decision. Conversely, a bad website can hurt your business, as 38 percent of people will stop using your website due to bad design. That’s why … Read more

Social Listening for Brands: Understanding and Responding to Customer Sentiment

Social Listening for Brands

Are you using social listening to learn what your customers are saying about your brand? If you aren’t, you definitely should be. Whether positive or negative, receiving and addressing customer feedback is essential in the digital age because today’s customer influence reaches further than ever before.  But how do you know how your customers feel … Read more

Tips For Optimizing Your Website For Conversions

conversion rate optimization

Your website exists for a purpose: to get conversions. Whether you want to make a sale or ask your customers to contact you for more information, your conversion rate optimization matters.  Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is a strategy used to increase the percentage of users who complete an intended action on your website. But … Read more