Julie Chung

Account Director

Julie brings over a decade of marketing management, strategy and consulting experience into her role as an Account Director at ELMNTL. With a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, over the years, she has worked both at in-house and agency roles within the hospitality and F&B industries and most recently, as a marketing consultant, she has guided many small businesses and tech startups to successfully kick start their marketing operations successfully. 

At ELMNTL Julie oversees the agency’s accounts, ensuring all Account Supervisors and teams have the tools they need to manage the clients successfully and efficiently while also supervising internal team growth and identifying new business opportunities for ELMNTL. As a strategic and creative thinker and a natural visionaire, Julie is also part of the agency’s leadership team and oversees ELMNTL’s own marketing and operations initiatives. 

In her free time she loves reading and acquiring new knowledge on self management, business models and processes – and just occasionally that little escape into historic novels. Her passion within the arts lies in singing, playing the guitar and creating video content.