Apogee Events is a hospitality group based in New York. In their portfolio, they have 13 unique locations between Long Island, New York City and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, venues range from full-service, private event spaces, gastropub, a world-class spa, and a commercial bakery.


With large weddings postponed, the dream weddings of many pivoted. People started to look for alternatives to hosting large weddings. Apogee Events tasked ELMNTL to review the current trends especially Micro Weddings and see what alternative options might work for Apogee and create a digital advertising strategy to tap into new opportunities.


The challenge was to introduce the concept of micro weddings to couples looking for alternatives but not keen to give up their big wedding plans.


We identified potential couples and segmented them into two categories, the ones looking for “Micro Weddings” with a good understanding of what it is and the rest who are looking for different alternatives and not sold on any of them.

For our first segment, we focused on what made our custom Micro Wedding package and our venues better than competition. We made sure that we found the right couples, and we delivered the right message. Due to the short decision period, we heavily focused on reminding them about our custom package.

For our second segment, we focused on educating them. Our main purpose was to convince them that our custom Micro Wedding package can deliver what they are looking for.


Micro weddings ensured our client had an additional revenue source during the Covid-19 pandemic. We help customers still have their dream wedding and were able to great results.


  • 30xReturn On Ad Spend was 30x for Flowerfield. (Sept - Nov 2020)
  • 14xReturn On Ad Spend was 14x for Land's End. (Sept - Nov 2020)