The Baby Brain Lab conducts developmental and cognitive neuroscience research with a focus on the early development of children with autism spectrum disorder. Directed by Meghan Swanson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology, the Baby Brain Lab is part of the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas.

The Baby Brain Lab is conducting an NIH-funded study called the “Caregiver Speech and Infant Brain Development Study”. The research is interested in how parents and their infants communicate, and how this communication supports infant brain and cognitive development. For this study, the Baby Brain Lab needed to recruit families with infants from the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area to join the longitudinal study.


ELMNTL determined that the most efficient and cost-effective channel would be through Facebook Ads.

We targeted parents in the DFW area with children up to 12 months old who were interested in topics related to autism, and rigorously A/B tested copy, images and targeting to maximize performance.

The vast majority of our participants have been recruited through Facebook Ads. The ads are so effective that we’re on track to exceed recruitment targets and there is no point even considering recruiting through our traditional channels.

Meghan Swanson, Ph.D., Baby Brain Lab Director

For more information on the “Caregiver Speech and Infant Brain Development Study” please CLICK HERE.


  • Under $60average cost per acquisition
  • 88% lowercost per acquisition vs traditional channels