BDA Partners is a Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) advisory that focuses on cross-border transactions between Asia, North America and Europe. BDA Partners is headquartered in New York, boasts 10 offices worldwide, and over 20 years of experience advising on M&A, capital raising, and restructuring.


Forming strategic partnerships

BDA Partners had formed a strategic partnership with William Blair. Simultaneously, BDA was preparing for another partnership with the Development Bank of Japan. Entering partnerships with these influential financial entities required BDA to revamp their website, matching the prestige of their partners. Their website needed to stand as a powerful representative of their own business prowess.


Where Function meets Finesse

Our challenge was to design and develop a website strong enough to showcase all of BDA’s services while still being easy to navigate. Additionally, these strengths and services needed to be translated into multiple languages as a requirement for ongoing and future global partnerships.


Creating a Robust Design

We designed a completely new website with more refined branding, an easier, user-friendly interface, and a greater emphasis on photography.

Recognizing that BDA primarily served on-the-go business professionals, the team created a responsive, mobile-first website. This meant any visitor could explore the site quickly and easily. With all of these integral moving parts, the team made sure that the website functioned optimally, from transactions to team pages.

Powerful Filtering

We created custom team, transactions, and publication tools that allowed visitors to easily filter and select information most important to their inquiries.

The team also developed a straightforward website backend, creating a simple and quick system for BDA to edit or add new information to their pages. This meant that the website could easily be amended and stay current for its audience, causing BDA no headaches along the way

In a variety of languages

Speaking to BDA’s business expertise was one thing — speaking to their audience was another. With clients hailing from a variety of continents, multi-language capability was built into every aspect of their website. This allowed visitors to easily switch between languages, and allowed BDA to simply and quickly add multi-language content to any page. This integration also included the ability for BDA to add more languages in the future as deemed necessary.


  • W3C: 2017 Silver AwardFinancial Services Website