2021 marked the launch of Lost Irish, an adventurous Irish Whiskey made from six worlds, in three styles, to embody the wandering Irish spirit. Lost Irish celebrates all three styles of Irish Whiskey while embodying the wandering Irish spirit. 


ELMNTL was tasked with designing a website to provide credibility to the brand and to serve as a reference point for contacts, partners, and bartenders who hear about Lost Irish and want to learn more.


Our major challenge was that their primary website audience would be bartenders looking to learn about Lost Irish and find cocktail recipes while behind the bar. The website needed to be extremely intuitive, easy to navigate, and user friendly while bringing the brand positioning and messaging to life.


ELMNTL designed a mobile friendly website with a simple secure back-end that develops a solid foundation for longer-term development, additions, and optimization. The site showcases their worldly style while inspiring users to learn more about the whiskey and find cocktail recipes for their bar guests to enjoy.