Born from a love of bread and a passion for quality, Paris Baguette is an international bakery founded in 1988, specializing in French-inspired goods. There are over 4,000 locations worldwide.


ELMNTL was tasked with building Paris Baguette a gorgeous new website that was ADA compliant. Drawing on past experiences in restaurant brand websites, including Halal Guys and Bon Chon, ELMNTL used their expertise and skill sets to design and develop a website that truly reflected the bakery.


One of the biggest challenges was to create a navigable website while also showing the breath of what Paris Baguette had to offer. We did not want the simplicity to gear away from the brand’s story. While Paris Baguette was well-known in other parts of the world, ELMNTL had to ensure they maintained their story while also making it relatable to the United States audience.


We set out to create a design aesthetic that was both pleasing and responsive while immensely functional. The website includes large calls to action with no unnecessary clutter. The seamless integration of third party tools that are branded similarly helped for an easy transition. Ultimately, the website tells the story of Paris Baguette’s simple yet elegant sophistication, with a clean and navigable design.

The website is also fully ADA compliant in real time.


  • Davey Awards: Gold AwardBest Restaurant Design
  • W3 Awards: Silver AwardRestaurant Website