Pizza Hut wanted to promote their collaboration with Bud Light (available in select markets) in which beer could be delivered alongside your Pizza Hut order. We gamified their social media by launching a contest where fans could share a photo of their order or one of the pre-loaded Pizza Hut and Bud Light icons/photos to their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or SMS, for the chance to win $1,000!

The more times that their friends entered and shared the content, the more points they earn for the potential to win.


Technology Meets Beer & Pizza

ELMNTL used technology powered by SKYLAB to manage the contest entries and to track results.

Consumers entered this sweepstake by sharing pre-made social media posts consisting of Pizza Hut and Bud Light imagery to any social media channels as many times as they want to earn points. The more they share, the more points they earn, and they can also share their special link via Text to earn points. The top 3 people each month won $1,000!

Influencing The Masses

The agency team secured and collaborated with more than 40 micro food and beer influencers across the country.

Each influencer had to create a series of Instagram posts and stories that announced the Pizza Hut and Bud Light promotion in their city.

The influencer campaign generated initial excitement amongst consumers, and ELMNTL worked with all the influencers to create subsequent Instagram stories to remind fans about entering the contest. The IG story contest not only encouraged consumers to enter the contest, but given the design of how the contest worked, it also reminded fans that you could order beer for delivery with your pizza order.


During this 3-month campaign, the team generated the following results:

  • 1M+1M+ Impressions
  • 500Nearly 500 Qualified Contest Entries