ASEAN is an intergovernmental organization connecting ten countries in Southeast that collaborate, among many other things, to promote tourism to the region.


ASEAN’s existing branding was tired and outdated, and ELMNTL was tasked with creating a new brand for the region. Many times, Southeast Asia is not considered one travel destination since only a few countries may be on the top of the radar for Asian travel from the Western markets. However, ASEAN’s goal is to market the entire region as one destination with multiple outlets for travel and exploration in order to grow the economy and tourism markets for the region as a whole. 


The goal of this rebranding project was to create a common visual language for a region encompassing 10 countries, dozens of religious and ethnic groups, hundreds of languages and over 650M people.

Because of the intergovernmental origin of the organization, no one country could be highlighted over another and all representation of our ongoing content and promotions must at all times be equal to all of the member states.


ELMNTL created a brand strategy and visual identity that encapsulated the beauty and diversity of the region, and its core characteristics of warmth, resilience, optimism and joy. Through research and inspiration gathered Southeast Asian art, modern design, and regional landscapes and imagery, the ELMNTL team was able to design a symbolic logo that represented all of the countries with modern elements to help propel its tourism goals for the future. 

The new logo of a modern sun mark, comprising 10 spokes each representing an ASEAN member state, symbolizes vitality and renewal. The forward motion of the sun rays represent the changes the region is making towards responsible tourism.

Our new tagline to accompany the new logo summarizes the culmination of the 10 separate nations coming together as one singular travel destination- “A Destination for Every Dream”. This tagline is further extended in a system to highlight the multiple reason for travel and activities that make a destination a “dream”, like A Destination for Adventure, A Destination for Discover, A Destination for Culture, A Destination for New Flavors, A Destination for Restoration, and much more!

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