The Associate of Southeast Asian Nations represents and promotes Southeast Asia’s 10 countries collectively as a highly desirable tourism region.


ELMNTL’s mission was to redesign and modernize ASEAN’S outdated destination website and transform it into a portal where tourists could easily plan trips and find relevant information for trips to Southeast Asia and where each member-states represented could also showcase the unique attractions and differences of their respective countries.

Previous Website


To represent 10 unique nations equally while branding Southeast Asia as one geographical destination, required us to transform what could have been a complex and overwhelming architecture of information into a simple, travel content powerhouse.


Backed by SEO best-practices, we designed a mobile-first and user-centric website based on the needs of ASEAN’s audience: the travelers. The website stands out with an amazingly modern design and visuals, inspiring travelers to explore further into each nation of Southeast Asia according to their desired activities and interests. Each interest would then showcase the best countries in SEA where they could potentially travel to and fulfill their desired adventures.


  • W3: 2020 Gold AwardTourism Website
  • Davey Awards: 2020 Silver AwardTourism Website