Thailand Trust Mark (TTM) is a symbol of excellence and quality for exports of Thai goods and services. The organization was established to add value to Thai products and services that are made in Thailand. TTM was created under the Royal Thai Government, managed regionally by Thai Trade Center.


“From Thailand to the US”

Thailand Trust Mark assures buyers that Thai products and services with the symbol offer world-class excellence, while also adhering to social, corporate, and environmental responsibility guidelines, backed by the Royal Thai Government.

For consumers, Thailand Trust Mark delivers trusted Thai products and services. For manufacturers, the symbol propels them into a global market in less time, with increased credibility. Also, the exclusivity of TTM raises the bar and encourages other industries to strive for excellence.


“In Uncharted Territory”

Our challenge was to continue building awareness for Thailand Trust Mark in 2017 for the US market by communicating strong messages and generating awareness for the symbol. In a highly saturated market of product certifications and ethical guideline standards, TTM needed to join their ranks with authority.


“Reaching Those That Care The Most”

In order to hit our target, the team had to learn the audience. We thoroughly analyzed past and ongoing consumer market trends using methods such as behavioral targeting, consumer trend research, and market forecasting.

With this information in hand, we created an overarching guide to our strategy and execution. The wealth of data gathered enabled the team to hyper-target consumers, and create powerful messages addressed directly to the audiences that would value the Thailand Trust Mark the most.

Utilizing all platforms

After the in-depth research phase, we executed our creative assets. Our message traveled across a variety of advertising avenues, including OOH billboards, email newsletters, social media, and programmatic advertising. Each asset was created to capture the attention of its viewer and educate on the value of the Thailand Trust Mark. The OOH ads were designed to intrigue viewers and inspire them to research what TTM is; while digital ads encouraged responses through click-throughs to the TTM website.

Backed up with optimization

Not only were our assets backed with intense research, we knew how to implement them. Thanks to our initial research phase, the team optimized all outreach to hyper-specific consumer and trade audiences. As a result, we were able to maximize our message’s impact while simultaneously limiting impression or budget wastage.

Building A Future Framework

We applied our research through every aspect of our campaign, and we made sure it would leave a lasting and continuing impression. Businesses and consumers showing interest in TTM were added to our research database, strengthening our audience profile and recording interest for future strategic outreach and campaigns.


  • 4Months the team surpassed all KPIs set forth by Thai Trade
  • 40.5mCombined impressions from OOH, social media, programmatic, and influencer marketing, reaching nearly 11 Million consumers
  • Inspired more than 100,000 social media interactions with our developed content and influencers’ posts
  • 30%Increased total social media channel following