The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a regional intergovernmental organization comprising ten Southeast Asian member-states, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam.


To Educate and Celebrate

ASEAN sought to celebrate 50 successful years in the tourism sector. Their campaign, “Visit ASEAN@50: Golden Celebration,” intended to highlight the best 50 festivals and the 50 most unforgettable travel experiences spanning South East Asian countries. The goal of this campaign was to educate their global audience about the countries their board represents.


Starting from Square One

Our challenge was to increase exposure of the board’s ten countries to a global audience from the ground up, as several of the board’s regions were fairly unrecognizable to the general public. We needed a promotional campaign to teach our audience about these unique countries, in equal measure, and to inspire travel to these destinations.


A Global Gathering

Educating the world about South East Asia required the work of a international team, which is why ASEAN called on us. Our globally-diverse agency took a classic exposure method, Familiarization (FAM) Trips, to the next level by choosing a range of social media influencers to travel to these countries. We combed the web to find influencers in various verticals and from different countries worldwide in order to maximize our audience reach.

The next part of our twofold solution sent influencers in groups of 3-4 each to the ten countries in ASEAN. Our selected social media mavens created compelling content, showcasing these countries as easy and exciting to travel to and through. Their content, in the form of photo, video, and blog posts, serves as an educational resource, encouraging their collectively diverse audiences to consider ASEAN as a travel destination.

Making an impression across the web

To strengthen the work of our selected influencers, ASEAN needed to revamp its own social media presence to clearly tell the story of each of its countries. With thorough research, we promoted each of the countries equally with stunning photos with enticing captions, as well as animated videos that educate and inspire their followers. The social media channels of ASEAN now attract and captivate audiences, serving as a hub for South East Asia tourism information.

Hitting a moving target

To support our efforts on the ever changing landscape of social media, we strategized our advertising through Programmatic ads. We created ads that attracted and enticed, inviting audiences to consider ASEAN as a travel and vacation destination. Through its targeting abilities, our Programmatic ads were placed on websites that had traffic most likely to consider ASEAN for travel. Combining the efforts of social media strategy and targeted digital advertising through Programmatic ads, we secured ASEAN as a beautiful and credible travel destination.


  • 60.2mGlobal impressions
  • 20.2mConsumers reached globally
  • 51kSocial media interactions by the end of the campaign
  • 45%Average growth of social media channels