The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is the official tourist board for Thailand. They’re responsible for building Thailand’s tourism, raising Thailand’s overseas profile and developing the country’s visitor economy.


From “The Land Of Smiles”

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country that is be best known for its nightlife, Bangkok, beaches, and plenty of delicious street food. The Tourism Authority of Thailand wanted to showcase the country as a health and wellness destination in order to capture a larger audience as well as educate others that Thailand offers travelers different experiences that few may know Thailand for.


To “Off The Beaten Path”

Our challenge was to change consumer perception that movies such as The Hangover Part II perpetuated. Thailand was largely recognized as a recreational destination, from shopping to partying. We needed to educate consumers about the many health, wellness, and adventure opportunities of Thailand.


Taking interaction to the next level

We began with leveraging the influence of four well-known travel YouTubers with an infuencer campaign. We sent them on a journey to Thailand to expand awareness to their audiences. This wouldn’t be just any trip, though, it would be Burn to Earn. We challenged the influencers to compete in daily adventure activities in order to win luxury experiences.

More than just a game

To further our reach and strengthen our messaging, we secured brand partnerships with Adidas and GoPro. Adidas supplied miCoach Fit Smart to track the activity goals of each influencer, and GoPro provided each Youtuber with cameras to best capture the fun.

Heating up the competition

We didn’t want this campaign to be viewed, we wanted it to be interactive. So we set the stakes of our challenge even higher. Each day, our four YouTube stars were be presented with a unique #ThaiFitChallenge such as kayaking, rock climbing, or even Muay Thai kickboxing.

They were scored on three factors: completion of their daily activity goals: taking the winning photo or video of the day decided by our panel of judges, and the number of fan votes they each collect. These incentives persuaded the influencers to capture interesting action shots that truly represented Thailand as a country full of adventure.

We wanted the influencers’ content to speak to the target audiences and show off Thailand in the best light. The most effective way to have the content come to life was to have the influencers compete in these activities and document them.

An invitation to explore

With so many moving parts, Burn to Earn needed a nucleus. We built an award-winning landing page to host everything from our hashtag campaign #ThaiFitChallenge, live social media content updates, to a place for fans to vote.

We strengthened the website’s power by linking to TAT’s BookThailandNow, where viewers could book trips to Thailand. This website served as the headquarters for everything Burn to Earn, and created a space for maximum interaction from viewers.


  • $35kGenerated equivalent tourism revenue in 7 days
  • 1.5mImpressions in less than 10 days


  • Davey Awards: 2016 Gold AwardIntegrated Campaign
  • Davey Awards: 2016 Silver AwardTravel Website
  • WebAward: 2016 Gold AwardMobile Standard of Excellence
  • WebAward: 2016 Silver AwardTravel Standard of Excellence


  • miCoach Fit SmartAdidas
  • GoPro Cameras & AccessoriesGoPro