What Is Multicultural Marketing?

Multicultural marketing is essential when marketing specifically to audiences with a specific cultural background, and this is also often referred to as inclusive or diversity marketing. The status quo in marketing is a standardized, generalized approach to everything that aims to reach as many people as possible, often casting a wide net. In other words, […]

Is Email Marketing Effective?

As you work on your digital marketing strategy, you want to incorporate the most effective channels into your plan.  Social media, email marketing, website search engine optimization, and pay-per-click are all great options, but there one you should undoubtedly incorporate into your strategy.  Is email marketing effective? The answer is absolutely, and let’s look at […]

4 Ways to Drive Hotel Direct Bookings

Beyond outstanding service and warm hospitality, hotels must also possess exceptional marketing skills. Being marketing savvy will help your hotel in the long run, giving you higher profits and more direct leads.  Online travel agencies (OTAs) are a huge competitor for hotels right now, so having a leg up on digital marketing will give your […]

5 Memes to Kick-Off Direct Booking Month

By Rachel BryanDirector, Demand GenerationNAVIS The following article has been written by the team at Navis CRM, an official partner of ELMNTL, and the original post can be read here. Happy Direct Hotel Bookings Month! All month we will be focusing on direct hotel bookings – the challenges with winning them, strategies to get them, […]

Consciously Marketing International Destinations to US Travelers

With the COVID-19 vaccine slowly becoming available to more citizens around the world, many international destinations are beginning to open their borders to tourists. This is good news for travelers who have been stuck at home for the past year, as well as for destinations that rely on tourism for their economy. But the pandemic […]

4 Qualities Of A Great Website

In today’s fully digital world, your website is the first touch with consumers, so it has to be aesthetically pleasing for any shot at a successful online presence. Beyond creatively pleasing, the customer experience needs to be excellent; demanding a highly functional and easy user experience, to ensure you’re building brand authority, brand trust, and […]