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Spreading Cheer: User-Generated Content for Holiday Campaigns

With the holidays here, you may wonder how to make your holiday marketing campaign stand out. After all, with so many competitors launching their campaigns this season, getting lost in the sea of voices can be easy.

You might think you need a big budget with professional photography and models to run a successful holiday campaign. However, running a powerful holiday campaign doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. In fact, with some planning and a little help from your friends (your customers!), you can launch an effective holiday campaign on social media without breaking the bank.

The key is using user-generated content- UGC. User-generated content is photos and videos of your product or service shared by influencers or real-life users. UGC is a handy marketing tool, with 85 percent of consumers saying that UCG is more effective than brand-generated content!

So, why is user-generated content such a potent tool for holiday marketing campaigns? Here are just a few reasons:



Baking brand @wiltoncakes uses influencer marketing UGC to showcase creative uses for its cake and cookie decorating products.

Because it comes from their peers, consumers find UGC more authentic and trustworthy than they might find a more polished professional marketing campaign. Even 64 percent of marketers agree that word-of-mouth marketing is more effective than regular marketing!


When you use UGC, you encourage your followers to engage with your post. When consumers see their content being shared or featured by your brand, they are more likely to become engaged and involved with your brand, fostering a sense of community and acceptance.

Diverse Perspectives

Fashion brand @messinabottle uses UGC of real-life customers showcasing how they wear Mess in a Bottle Products in their daily wardrobes.

UGC can bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the forefront of your marketing campaign. The more diverse your marketing, the broader the audience appeal, ensuring a rich tapestry of perspectives where more voices feel heard and valued. By showcasing how people celebrate and interact with your brand during the holidays, you can encourage potential customers to incorporate their meaningful experiences into your brand.

Cost Effective

Using UGC in your campaign can often be more cost-effective than creating professional content while delivering high-quality, effective, and relatable content. Content can be generated by creating contests, asking consumers to share their product photos, or working with influencers to showcase your product or service to their followers.


UGC is an excellent vehicle for storytelling. It allows your brand to tap into your users’ real-life stories, emotions, and experiences. These stories can be more compelling than a carefully crafted marketing message.

Boosts Reach

Using UGC can amplify your brand’s reach, especially if your followers share your content with their followers. This will expose your brand to their social network, potentially helping you to reach a larger audience.

In Conclusion

In Summary, using UGC for your holiday marketing campaign on social media helps create a sense of community, authenticity, engagement, and diversity. A user-generated content campaign is often more effective, has a broader reach, and provides ample opportunities for storytelling about your brand and its real-world applications. These are all valuable qualities to have in a successful holiday marketing campaign.

If you’re ready to start creating your holiday marketing campaign using UGC, please contact the social media marketing team at ELMNTL today!


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