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Boost Your Brand with Laughs: How to Incorporate Humor into Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

When a brand uses humor in its marketing strategy, customers get a stronger sense of their personality. The brand feels more relatable and easier to connect to. This bridges the gap between “just another business” and “your funny online buddy”.

In addition, a good laugh can break up a scrolling session, making for a more enjoyable user experience. Laughter is the best medicine, right?

Sharing memes and using a trending TikTok sound is always fun, but there are other ways to build a comedic presence online. You don’t need to be cracking jokes constantly, but it’s important not to take your brand too seriously online. Here are three strategies for incorporating humor into your brand’s social media marketing. 

1. Lightheartedly Respond to Customer Feedback

Now, this has to be done tastefully. Eat Deux, a healthier cookie dough brand, does a hilarious job responding to customer feedback. They aren’t afraid to take a risk and poke fun. Take a look at their Instagram post about a negative review, in addition to their follow-up post the next day:

Eat Deax Peanuts
Eat Deax Peanuts
Eat Deax Cookie

This tactic works for Eat Deux because:

1) It clearly shows that the reviewer made an error- the actual review is positive, it’s the stars that are negative.

2) Parker then circles back to confirm that clicking one star was a mistake on his end. This post is shared separately from the original carousel, completing the story at a later time. 

This is funny because a whole character story was created (whether the review is real or not). We’re left chuckling at Parker’s mistake and how he came back to rectify it. Plus, a good Snoopy meme always adds charm.

2. Use Personification to Create a Character

Personification: noun 

the attribution of human characteristics to things, abstract ideas, etc, as for literary or artistic effect.
Source: Dictionary.com

This is where fun graphic design comes into play. Brands have been doing this forever- take the M’M’s characters, for example. But you don’t need an animation expert on staff. Photoshopping your product into a meme, like the Aura Bora post below- or giving it a whole character- can be a fun and creative way to give your brand more personality.


Why does this work? 

1) They don’t depend solely on the photo for humor- they use the caption too! Take the High Noon post’s caption below- it paints a picture for the reader.


2) They’re also topical- people were talking about cold plunges and pool parties during the summertime.

Both posts are great examples of not taking your brand too seriously. 

3. Be Slightly Self-Deprecating

It’s no surprise that self-deprecating humor is so popular. We’re in a digital age where people get online and talk publicly about their most embarrassing moments.

Check out this post from Moon Pie, where they call themselves out for making a mistake:


Why this works:

  1. They’re being very honest about a mistake, more than many brands would. (Again, even if it didn’t happen). 
  2. It gives Moon Pie more of a personality. Users can relate to the person behind the account forgetting their password. 

The next time you make a mistake, try to figure out a way to laugh at yourself. It helps your audience connect with you!  

Overall, infusing humor into your social media presence can humanize your brand and create a more enjoyable user experience. Not every brand always needs to be funny, but it never hurts to get creative.

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