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Three Ways to Build Audience Trust with Authentic Influencer Marketing

In the age of digital marketing, consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements. It’s impossible to scroll social media, watch TV, or listen to a podcast without getting ads.

Traditional marketing strategies often struggle to engage and resonate with today’s audiences. Unlike traditional ads, influencer marketing feels less like a sales pitch and more like recommendations from a friend.

With loyal audiences and opportunities for targeted reach, influencer marketing is a great way to promote your brand. But it’s important to be selective about who you choose to work with.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Influencers with millions of followers can sometimes feel unrelatable. That’s why building relationships with micro influencers can be a better option for your brand. Their smaller audience size allows them to interact more personally with their followers, usually responding more to comments and messages. This increased engagement results in more meaningful connections.

One of ELMNTL’s clients, the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office, recently held a contest with the goal to promote travel to the Mekong region countries. Mekong Tourism partnered with Ulia Ali Pilmore, a NYC-based content creator. She regularly shares content surrounding food, travel, and events. She inspires her followers to travel more, making her a perfect influencer pick for this campaign.

This is where knowing your target audience comes into play. Her followers are people who are inspired to travel and planning their next trip.


Include Value in Your Ads

Remember, audiences want to get value when they scroll through social media, whether they’re learning, laughing, or connecting. Partnering with an influencer who can incorporate your product or service into a tutorial or a funny skit is a great way to authentically promote your brand.

Take Brooke Miccio, a lifestyle influencer, who partnered with a vodka brand. She created a video showing how she makes the perfect espresso martini using their liquor.


Give Them Freedom to Add Their Personal Touch

Influencers have a following for a reason- their audience likes them and values their opinion! So, letting them show their personality in their ad is extremely important. 

Whether it’s how they speak, tell stories, or their personal style, every influencer brings something different to the table. For example, Boman Martinez-Reid is an influencer known for comedic skits imitating the Kardashians. A simple photo of him holding a product wouldn’t resonate with his audience- it would feel inauthentic or forced. 

Here, he partners with a probiotic brand, communicating all of its benefits in a silly sketch. The ad feels similar to his usual content, plus, telling a story will always be an effective marketing tactic. 


In Conclusion

Overall, influencer marketing is an incredible tool for building your brand on social media. If you want to build strong relationships with influencers, contact our influencer marketing team at ELMNTL!


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Wiley Koehler

Wiley Koehler

Data Analyst & Ads Specialist
Wiley Koehler

Wiley Koehler

Data Analyst & Ads Specialist

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